Drummers’ Top Electronic Drum Picks!

Many drummers say that it is exhilarating and intoxicating when they are sitting behind a drum kit and really rocking out. Most of them say that playing the drum allows them to get into their groove and deliver some unique beats that can impress audiences. On the other hand, some audiences do not like the sound of drum and wait until the drummer quiets down. With electronic drums, drummers never have to worry about the drum sound volume, and, importantly, they’ll be able to explore different customizable drum sounds that they never thought were possible before. The electric drum is very versatile. Many of the drum kits come pre-programmed with a various of sounds that the drummers can change and modify to their own style.

Best E-Drums Team found a few passionate amateur and professional drummers and bloggers who helped us to narrow some of these wide selections and pick their top choices. From a beginner’s basic drum set to a very high end drum set, we covered them for your reviews. As mentioned above, you have the ability to control the electronic drum volume and bring out some amazing sounds. Hope you can find something insightful and purchase the right one for you!

Yamaha XP80 3-Zone by Garrick Wareham at T+S Blog

In his post, “An electronic drum kit for every player!”, Garrick praises a Yamaha DTX532K drum kit. This drum kit may not be a “high-end” model, but it certainly brings the quality and sound that match some of the high end models. Yamaha’s XP80 3-zone textured silicon snare pad with realistic feel brings out very similar sound tone as any regular drum sets. It also comes with IOS apps which allows you to customize the kit easily, import songs, and program any training sessions. The drum kit is very durable and will last for a long time.

Alesis DM10X by Woofer at Pitbull Audio
Pitbull Audio writer, aka Woofer, recommends Alesis DM10X Mesh Drum Kit for any serious drummers who want to elevate their skills. This kit is a serious electronic drum kit with great features. The built quality is absolutely amazing: tightly woven black mesh drum heads help the drummers’ feel and playing response. The sound was very clear for any electronic drum set. The drum set also comes with DM10MKII studio sound modules which means it comes with set pre-arranged program sounds. Its premium four post fast-lock shiny chrome rack and the included integrated cymbal arms make this drum set a thing of beauty!

Roland TD-30KV by Jared Falk at Drumeo
The founder of Drumeo (website where you can learn, inspire, and support various drummers), and the writer of Successful Drumming, Jared Falk, posts a video of Michael Schack (Prominent drummer, music producer, and solo artist)’s amazing drum solo. In a short three minute video, you can see Michael’s astonishing drum skills behind a Roland TD-30KV drum kit. Check out the video clicking the above name at the Jared Falk’s site, Jared Falk.

Roland TD-30KV is Roland’s flagship V-Drums with impressive sensing technology and SuperNatural sounds. The drum kit can provide customized sound with Professional V-Edit. There are dedicated “ambience” fader with new-ambience and overhead-mic simulation features. For any professional drummers, who would like to use this kit in the studio setting, would not regret purchasing this one!

Hope you enjoyed reading this list and helped purchasing your next electronic drum kit. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Rock on!




Best E-Drums Team.

Types of Electronic Drums

Types of Electronic Drums

Drums in general have come a long way and what we currently use, are either upgrades or transitions of the past drum generation. We nowadays refer to them as best electronic drum set because they get better day by day. Some well known types of drums include:

Alesis Nitro

The major gain from this type is the hardware advantage comprising of the upgrade kick pad plus the rack. Alesis Nitro’s racks are made of aluminum and are very sturdy in nature. This ensures that they remain firm while drumming and thudding is going on.

Alesis Command

This kit is more advanced, actually an upgrade from Alesis Nitro. You get improved sound module of close to 50 presets which its command is able to add.  The snare and the kick also do have an advanced mesh pad, making drumming more fun as compared to using the former type.

Roland TD-1KV

Roland TD-1KV model is a kit that is found user friendly to beginners but also regarded as a high end kit. It’s easy recording mechanism has made it preferred by many upcoming drummers. The over 15 kits percussion sounds make it acceptable by many who want a variety of expression.

Get to play along with its MP3 connector and learn to play your best beats from a tablet or Smartphone.  Its built-in metronome ensures that you are taken step by step into becoming the newest jazz pro.

Roland TD-11K best electronic drum set

Its advanced sound engine makes it a perfect option if you are looking for an affordable high end kit. Besides, you will get the very essential features including a sturdy rack to give it a strong feel. Others include a mesh snare and a kick pad to let you play right from the box.

Roland TD-11KV

This upgrade from the former Roland gives more goodies making it perfect for professional drummers. One is the multiple trigger cymbals which makes you get that proper feel and realism. Remember most kits operate on the single trigger pads which at times don’t bring out the feel like this kit would.

This kits pads are an upgrade and come in mesh, a feature that is very different from the TD-11K’s rubber pads thereby regarding it as one best electronic drum set.

Roland TD-25 KV

If you are a professional and looking for a kit that will elevate your qualities then this version of Roland is just perfect. Its sound engine has undergone a thorough upgrade which makes this kit sound immensely incredible to the eye.

The snare is another feature that makes it wanting. Hit hard on the drum to get a full force or strike lighter for that soft output. All hits will eventually sound different from each other depending on which point you hit the drum, a result of the multi position sensoring feature.

Yamaha DTX400K

Looking simple but very rich with educational features is the Yamaha DTX400K. This is a perfect entry point to young players who want to learn in style. For one it is quiet and practicing using it will not cause any disturbance to your neighbors.

Yamaha DTX532K

It may be confusing to think that this kit looks pretty the same with Roland TD-11K. You are wrong if you think so. This Yamaha type has got three trigger zone snare and cymbals while TD-11K got only two. You will also realize that it comes packed with its own hi-hat stand making it a plus.

Yamaha DTX760K

This kit looks fantastic and is ideal for the professional drummers. It comes with a real snare stand besides the Hi-hat stand. Its KB-100 kick pad is also ideal for louder bass pedal. If you would like to monitor your foot pressure, this kit will enable you to do so. It has ultra hi-hat sensors which carry out this duty varying the sound as needed.


Electronic kits continue to be upgraded depending on the shortcomings of the previous versions. There are many that are upgradable and you don’t need any replacement even when you move to mid-level drummer category.

The mentioned kits above are the popular trends to consider in 2017 however more best electronic drum sets are still on the rise. Technology is growing rapidly and we may be seeing some newer versions in the coming season.


Electronic Drum Brands

Electronic Drum Brands

Maybe many people may not have known that electronic drums were already available from the mid 1970s with Syndrum being the first one. These came in single, twin and quad configurations and soon took stage. It was not before long when Simmons Company came into the picture later on to move best electronic drum set production to a different level.

Simmons well known model is the SD1000-5 piece set which has its hi-hat foot multi positioned and required little effort to fix. Another kit from this company is the SD500 which comes with most accessories including the three kick pedals.

Some more known companies like Yamaha and Roland immediately joined the squad and have been expanding and upgrading their models to date. Let’s have a deep look into these brands.

Roland Brand

This has been a long time manufacturer of electronic drums and is still in the top leads. Its good reputation has seen drummers of every genre find what suits them. This company offers so many types of kits which include.

Roland HD-3 V Drums Lite kit which fits all categories of drummers is ideal for both professionals and beginners. The incorporated interface is very easy to use and any beginner finds it adaptable.

Another popular product from this brand is the Roland TD-9KX2 V Tour which is more advanced and majorly suitable for professional drummers.

Roland TD-11K V compact is also one of the products. It responds pretty fast and therefore is perfect for recording, teaching and practice purposes.

Alesis Studio Best Electronic Drum Set

Alesis manufacturer was actually the first in line to come up with affordable kits to suit every group of drummers. And talk of Dynamic Articulation? You choose how hard or soft you want to hear your music.

For a rich hit, simply hit the pad harder although a softer hit will produce something cool and not so ear breaking. The dynamic articulation mechanism is much responsible for what each drum produces and can be heard from each.

Look at Alesis DM10 for example; a six piece kit with high definition drum module for both home and professional usage.  This was also the first kit to enable usage of USB for purposes of transferring drum sounds, making practicing fun but simple.

Alesis Forge 8-piece Electronic drum is another product which was very trendy in the past years. This kit includes a forge drum module and included a free drumstick as well.

Yamaha manufacturers

This company is well known for producing not only best electronic drum set but also quality acoustic drums. More so, their products are pocket friendly making it a good option especially for those who are just getting into the world of drumming.

Another big up for Yamaha is the reputation for music education. This is where the urge to produce training functions started from. Its training materials are user friendly and support all groups of drummers.

Besides, Yamaha has continued to update its onboard training mechanisms over the years. Sessions like warm-up, rhythm exercises and games are now becoming popular with other brands; thanks to Yamaha for the eye opener.

One advantage with Yamaha is the inclusion of groove tracker in their training system that is very good for starting grounds. The voice guidance mechanism is just awesome in training your voice and interacts with you along the way.

Some of its products that have been in the market for long include DTX400K kit.  This kit’s hi-hat pad and controller is good at supporting both open and closed hi hat hits.

Other brands

Some brands that continue to bring forth pleasant goodies despite not being known by many include.

Pyle Pro Ped04 Professional Drum Kit

Pyle Pro PED04 professional drum kit offers an all in one solution from its compact design. You will find up to 11 pre-set drum kits giving a variation of four built-in metronomes.

Behringer XD8USB

Behringer XD8USB from Acorn Behringer manufactures is an 8-piece electronic kit which comes with a free American Hickory Drumstick. It also gives a real drumming experience from its high definition sampling technology.


Every brand has got a feature that acts as its defining factor when it comes to molding the best electronic drum set. This makes each kit unique in its own ways despite the upgrades that continue to occur from time to time.

Electronic Drum Comparison between DTX 950K and TD-11K-S

Electronic Drum Comparison between DTX 950K and TD-11K-S

Both Roland and Yamaha electronic brands have continued to rise with time. The urge to produce best electronic drum sets has seen these companies strive to deliver the best to their clients.

From customers’ reviews, there seems to be a link between these two electronic sets. Being that they hail from two different companies, there is something that of cause makes each of them stand out.


DTX950K has a high degree of playability and is regarded as Yamaha’s top drum system of the current time.  It encompasses a tone generator and features the latest innovative DTX-PAD. This kit also has the best control and triggering ability to take your drumming to the next level.

The compact TD-11K-S-V also comes with great features making it fun to play. Its modules give a real feel, enabling you to focus more on your steps and progress.

Sound quality

TD-11K-S comprises of a super natural technology which is responsible for enhancing the sound module performance. Just strike harder if you want it loud or vice versa. If you want limited music effect, Roland is giving it all with this kit. No need to crescendo, decrescendo with this best electronic drum compact kit.

DTX 950K will give you what you as of it. This kit will produce different kinds of sound on ground of where you hit the 3-zone cymbal pad. The drum trigger module also has a lot to do with the sound complexity.  You may think that the real sound of traditional drum is duplicated by this set once you get hold of those drumming sticks.


Roland’s TD-11K-S is a compact kit which will fit into any size of room. Its lightweight is also a plus to those in the professional field and move from time to time. This could be to perform in parties and the like.

TD-11K-S has all you need to let you play straight away. Its layout is also up to the game and you feel comfortable playing this kit.

Experience a real feel for both the toms and snare from DTX950K’s 3 zone pad. Its components give a good leeway whenever you want to use standard acoustic drum hardware.


Roland gives an easy to use console which is adjustable with much ease. Just a click of a button and you get your preferred sound.

DTX AUX IN jack gives you an avenue to sample external sound. Or do you want to sample yourself? Then create your own with this easy to use device by simply processing data with available onboard effects.

Capabilities of these best electronic drum sets

DTX comes with great capabilities enabling even layering of numerous voices within one pad. You may decide to play these simultaneously or singly as you prefer. The unique Stack and Alternate Function features put this kit at a great level when it comes to delivering expressive power.

Get super natural feel with the cymbals, all the modules and the kick pad. If you have used these two kits then you would have noticed the realistic playing experience that TD-11 K-S-V brings to your feel. The imagination of using a compact kit is faded away once you get hold of this Roland kit.


Roland TD-11 K-S may be priced a little bit more as compared to the other kits in the same category. It fits into both the mid level and professional drummers’ level and is a good leeway for using as a starter up then upgrading later. Even though it doesn’t come with kick pedals, you still get an all compact kit to set the pace.

DTX brands tend to favor every kind of buyer from the beginners to the high level drummers. Their rates are cost effective and the good thing is that you are able to create your own sounding kits.


These companies offer their best with some little differences. Are you more into generic sounding? Then opt for Roland as they do not produce acoustic drums hence give original samples.

Yamaha on the other hand produce both acoustic and some of the best electronic drum set. They hence include sampled acoustic lines into e-kits to give it a brand new feeling. If you love those yester years’ bits then DTX has all in store for you.

Electronic Drums vs. Acoustic

Electronic Drums vs. Acoustic

Drums have come a long way with the traditional ones being in existence as long as you can think. Drummers embraced these useful tools and were majorly for celebrations in times of weddings.

Acoustic drums were really valued and would not be played aimlessly. There was nothing like trainings the way it happens with best electronic drum set of present age. Things are different with the current technology as far as drumming is concerned. You are able to learn and at the same time have great fun with electronic sets.

Unlimited sounds

Acoustic drums are regarded as self sufficient and you have to put in your effort in order to get the best. Electronic on the other hand will give you limitless sounds that go well with any kind of genre of music you love.

It is also pretty easy to use electronic drums and you can switch swiftly from jazz to R&B and reggae with a click of a button. The best part is that electronic kits give you an easy way of controlling the kit volume.

Learning benefits from best electronic drum sets

High end features of electronic kits have made it easy to learn music in style. You may even decide to create your personal rhythm via the drum pad and end up composing something really classic.

How do you get to learn with these kits? Most of the modules do have learning tools and needed functions that are necessary for building up your drumming abilities. Get the liberties of connecting external music players using a USB connector to listen to your favorites as you practice along.


Talk of moving your kit from one point to the next? These best electronic drum sets of the present age are more compact and gives an upper hand when moving around. Those who would benefit more from electronic drums are the ones in commercial businesses.

Being the fact that acoustic drums are bulky makes them not so easy to move around with. Simply use a soft bag or classic case to wrap up your electronic set while consuming the most limited space within the van or at the stage.


When it comes to song writing, make it pretty easy with electronic kits. This is a main agenda that you wouldn’t have done with acoustic drums whatsoever. You have the freedom to edit, adjust and make well notes with the trading drums of the present age than ever before.

It even sounds better, adding percussive extras which in turn make your tracks extra perfect within a very short time. Acoustic drums would have given you endless steps when it comes to getting that perfect output.

Mute modes

Even though some people viewed traditional drums to be sounding real, they had lots of shortcomings when it came to adjusting volume or more so muting the sounds. This meant a lot of disturbances from those practicing their beats.

As time went by, people came to accept that there are those who are irritated by drum bits. No worries of such scenario as best electronic drum sets have overcome that. They can be set as low as possible or usage of headphones can take up the lead.

Size consideration

The emergence of electronic kits has made it possible to fit your set into any size of a room. The acoustic kits are majorly huge in nature and this made it difficult for some to have their preferred choices.

Its light weight is another advantage as compared to the former kits. Electronic kits tend to be smaller hence weigh less, a relief that one would not enjoy with the acoustic sets. You may decide to settle on one the next time you want a Christmas or birthday gift for your kid.


Some critics view acoustic drums as being the original sound producing gadgets while the electronic sets are just imitators. This may be due to the fact that people tend to object change and are reluctant to embrace technology.

This is not the case currently especially after seeing lots of fixing that best electronic drum sets have brought forth. E-drums are slowly taking over and it is only a matter of time before we all go electronic while fulfilling drumming dreams.

Electronics Drums Buying Guide

Electronics Drums Buying Guide

If you have decided that it is time to grab one of these, then surely you must have had a deep thought. If not, you need to juggle some questions in your mind as to why the move. For a drummer to get the best electronic drum set, it would need lots of comparisons and planning.

More so, goodies are always better on the drawing board and you don’t have to wait until a need arises. Do you know of prototype and obsolete? Technology is on the wake and you should enjoy the trendy instruments as more come up. However, consider these before making a purchase.

Space availability

How much space do you have for your new kit? This should be your first guide because you will find kits of different sizes altogether. At times the kit you badly need is bigger than the available space. You can alternatively save space by using a traditional hardware to mount some of the pads and just leave aside the rack. Although this seems weird, it is cool and unique.

Do you want your kit to load custom samples to the module?

Most kits have modules that can access and then play back your custom sounds.  Alesis DM-10 is one such kit that is sample based. Simply format the custom sounds to the module, load and save for it to play even after being powered down.  You may also like those kits which enable you to create multi-sampled kits such as Yamaha DTX700.


This will always be preferred in almost every machine and is not an exception for musical kits either. It is better to find out from customers reviews on what they think of a particular kit in mind.

Sound latency

This is to all drummers be it a professional drummer or a beginner. The pad sensor ought to relay sound in milliseconds and a delay may prove unworthy. Remember the lesser the seconds, the better the kit.

Number of audio outputs

This is especially to those who want to perform in big venues. Multiple audio outputs would mean multitasking and a unique end result. You can know from the module specifications as they ought to be indicated.

It would be ideal to get one with more outputs just in case you need to use all later on. Imagine getting a kit with fewer outputs and then realizing later that you wish you could have more. Remember outputs cannot be upgraded like the other parts.

The price of best electronic drum set

It is the norm to find some electronic kits lacking essentials like a kick pedal, hi-hat stand, sticks and all those you need. Though every kit usually comes with sound module, pads and the like, the lacking accessories are also a must.

Some people may prefer to use theirs from acoustic drums, which is the best idea but what of those getting their drum kits for the first time. Ensure you put all these essentials into consideration before sealing your price.

Do you prefer a quiet set?

I am sure you don’t want to attract unwanted attention especially if you are doing this for the first time. Even the professional drummers may need their quiet time of practice for any upcoming big event.

Some e drums may just be as loud as the acoustic drums if sound degree is to be considered here. This is why you may want to consider the best electronic drum set that gives everyone around you a peaceful moment.

Other external apps and onboard tools

Do you agree that training tools are of value? Are you new to the club and want a soft landing mechanism? If you feel so, then you need to take into account whether the kit you want to settle for has the onboard training capability.


Manufactures are working day and night to meet customers’ expectations and fulfill their dreams. The kinds of kits that are up-coming are duly best electronic drum sets that are able to perform numerous of activities.

Ensure that before buying, you are well acquainted with what functionalities each of these kits have.  You may even decide to visit online stores and get to know full details before ordering the very best that suit your needs.

How Electronic Drums Work

How Electronic Drums Work

Have you ever wondered how these excellent sounds producing instruments work? Yester year drummers were tied to conventional drumming but that has since changed. Best electronic drum sets of the present age has eliminated this fact and hence drummers have the ability to trigger basses and encompass lighting sounds.

The emergence of high notch electronic sets has enabled drummers to acquire more tutorial lessons thereby enhancing drumming abilities. This is a pretty way of learning and having fun at the same time.

Let’s understand what is required of these electronic drum sets in order for them to send the message home. These are the Transducers and the Brain.


These are the trigger pads and module and come in different forms corresponding to the instrument. They are mostly embedded within the housing unit. There is a playing surface made of either mesh or rubber, from where signal is sent to the module.  It however doesn’t matter as both function in the same manner. Once the pad is hit, message is sent to the module or brain and the corresponding note of that channel is produced in form of sound

The trigger will relay the sound in the manner you command it to. If triggered harder, lots of signal will go to the module resulting to higher volume. Otherwise if it is hit with a lighter thud, we get much of a quieter sound from the module


This is usually referred to as the drum module and is responsible for sound production. There are lots of variations in these modules depending on the type, sound quality and additional sound effects that they bring forth

Ever wondered how presets come about? Well the brain is responsible for that whole scenario. Genres like rock, hip-hop, jazz plus all those favorites come from what the brain stores. With a push of a button, you are well to go into the land of enjoying your favorite hits as you drum along

There is no limitation to building your customized kit because most of the best electronic drum sets have the capacity for this. Through the brain module, the help of toms, cymbals, kick drums and snares makes it easy for you to actually come up with your customized kits

Besides the brain and trigger modules, there are other parts that are necessary for good sound quality. It is important to understand that this is a special kind of musical instrument that is meant to partly replace the acoustic drum kit.

With an electronic drum, there has to be a digital sound module which is responsible for conveying percussion sounds. This has to go along with electric sensors which on the other hand trigger the sounds. The drum sticks are what are needed to strike the sensors to generate any sound.

Buying an electronic set would mean that you find everything as a package except for fewer accessories. The drum pads are usually part of the kit, mounted on a rack to give you that perfect chance of going about your hitting gigs. The pads are simply discs made or either rubber or cloth-like coating and their main work is to generate electric signals once their sensors are struck.

This signal is what is then transmitted via cables to the brain of the drum and continues its work as seen earlier. Electronic drums are seen as an upgrade of the acoustic ones with better sound quality and improved services.


The manner in which electronic drums work enables a single kit to simulate several of sound s of an acoustic kit perfectly. Imagine switching instantly from vintage jazz to rock and so forth. Besides, other options like hand claps, piano and orchestral timpani can well be added with lots of ease.

It is not wise to assume that you now know how these kits work without actually trying it out for yourself. Most of the stores do not only offer best electronic drum set but also take a little time to equip you with the skills.

In case you are a first time user or just switching from the traditional drumming, ensure you test your skills before deciding on the kit to settle for. This would ensure that you enjoy your electronic journey as far as drumming is concerned.

How to Play Electronic Drums

How to Play Electronic Drums

Drumming is such a unique profession and many people are now realizing the benefits that come with it. Electronic drums work more or less as the traditional ones except that they encompass lots of technology. There are best electronic drum sets that come with tutorials thereby making it easy to learn the techniques.

You can take pretty little time to learn drumming skills given that drummers are in demand. Practicing and mastering is what could take up your time, at times going to months. Since practice makes perfect, once you decide to get into this, then it is better to sojourn on till you become perfect.

Familiarize yourself with the kit

There are different kits with many being rated as best electronic drum set in the market. Whatever kit you decide to settle on, make sure to familiarize yourself with it first.

It would also be ideal to start off with kits that are not so complicated. A later upgrade would be beneficial once you have acquainted yourself with the basic utilities of the kit. This could be via adding more accessories to the kit you already have or just buying a high grade set.

Acquire everything you need

You need to invest in time in order to get better as practice makes perfect. Besides time, know the essentials which are mandatory for a drummer to start off. Some kits come as a complete package and you are able to play right from the box while others lack certain accessories.

Ensure you have drumsticks because this is one of the major necessities of a drummer. Drum pads are the next utilities that need to be incorporated.  Some pads have built-in metronome which are quite useful for keeping down the drum sound.

Proceed to the rhythms

Ensure to master simple rhythms and patterns of drumming before proceeding to complex ones over a period of time. It is ideal to also factor in counting of quarter notes. You may decide to use either a metronome or click track to do practices.

Learn limb independence

It is important to know your snare drum rudiments like the strokes. Whether single or double, strokes are essential in building drum complexity. Striking the drum with one beat brings forth a single stroke pattern. Otherwise a downward movement strike from alternate hands will lead to a double stroke pattern.

You simply need to know how to go about your strokes and with time, you will be on your way to becoming a fast drummer. The feet also have a role even though this appears like doing complicated things at once.

Move to complex rhythms

Best electronic drum sets have the ability to mix complex rhythms via the use of drum machines. They are good at building rhythm arrangement and once you learn the basics, move on to the next level.  It is ideal to note that drum machines also have MIDI support system and this is good to enable easy integration with your electronic kit.

Make use of percussion controllers

Once you have felt that you are making a step further, move on to the use of percussion controllers. These are meant to allow the triggering of sounds from the pad set by use of sticks.

Take care of sound variations

The main aim to go into drumming is to be able to produce well refined music. All these go back to sound and that is why it is important to take care of the percussion sound. These kits have got programmable sounds and all that is required of you is to pick and properly refine wide array of sounds.

Sound profile is adjustable to ensure that you get that exact kind suitable for a particular genre of music. It would be up to you to opt for a full or partial sound pattern with some sharp snare. Though it is better to stick to what you understand best.


Learning how to play electronic drums only needs passion and determination. Being that best electronic drum sets offer training techniques has made it possible to have fun while learning at the same time. Every journey starts with a single step; so your first attempt is your first step in to achieving your goals as long as you have the passion.

Top Brands Electronic Drum set for Beginners

Top Brands Electronic Drum set for Beginners

Drumming is fun especially if you get the right kit for your level. Settling for the best electronic drum set will however mean that you take a good look at the features. Whatever corresponds to your preferences might be the ideal one for you as a beginner.

E drums have so far eliminated the fear of people listening to your mistakes as you practice along. What was the effect of acoustic kits? No headphones mean that everyone across the street can hear your beats.

There is no worry over that being that you can play your electronic drums via headphones with these top brands. Also get to learn your steps faster with the interactive mechanisms.

Roland TD-1K

The best thing about this kit is that it is expandable and you can add extra cymbals and pedals later. An inclusion of mix-in jack is a plus for hooking up either a smartphone or MP3 player for the purpose of jamming all day long.

What about step by step learning? Get spoilt with the tutorial features and take your music to the next level. Beginners are privileged to up their drum techniques within a short period of practice by the help of these tutorials. Other vitals of a good drummer also include speed, accuracy and stamina which you can gain from the coach mode.

Alesis DM Nitro

This well designed drum for both beginners and intermediates is a successor to the Alesis DM6 which had only 15 programmable drum sets. Alesis DM Nitro on the other hand, gives you 40 ready to play built in drum kits. Besides, there is a further inclusion of 60 built in tracks that you can use to practice till you become a pro.

I know every drummer wants to get the real feel of drumming. This is the reason why this best electronic drum set comes with a dual zone snare sensor to avert rim shots. Its thick pads of 8” are truly ideal for long hours practice.

Alesis DM Lite

Despite that this kit is low cost, it is of absolutely high quality and good for a start. Light up of its 3LED cymbals as you hit makes this kit ideal for visual reference. You know when you hit the drum and probably where you hit as well.

You don’t want to keep on replacing the pads and this is one of the reasons to settle for Alesis DM Lite. Its rubber pads ensure that your wrists are not hurt no matter the number of hours you take practicing.

You get this kit fully assembled, comfortable with a beginner as you are privileged to play right away after purchase. It won’t take up much space, thereby making it able to fit into any room.

Yamaha DTX400K

If you are looking for a wide range of options then this Yamaha is ideal. This kit can be customized and more features upgraded as time goes by. This means that you can start with a less complicated kit and grow gradually until every bit of accessory is packed to it.

Or maybe your previous kit was Yamaha acoustic? If so, simply get up to 10 pre-loaded kits and cool sounds sampled from that acoustic to the Yamaha DTX400K best electronic drum set. Play right from the box with accent articulation to the direction of fulfilling your drumming dreams.


Whether you are switching from acoustic or just starting off, you still need the best electronic drum set to begin the transition.  Most customers know what is best but may not know how to find that which is talked of.

Take a car for example, would you buy it without test driving? Probably not and this should also apply to these kits. Just take your time playing and testing every model you contemplate on buying before making a decision. It would be better to visit any music store with practice rooms and get to know what that kit offers before ordering for the same.

All in all, ask lots of questions from online vendors to clear your mind of any doubts. It would also be perfect to enquire from neighbours and seek their opinions on the kits that they begun with as drum beginners.

Carlsbro CSD130XXX Electronic Drum Set: A Low Cost Kit!

Carlsbro CSD130XXX Electronic Drum Set: A Low Cost Kit!

The Carlsbro CSD130XXX Electronic Drum Set is one of the lowest priced drum sets on the market. In addition, it has very high customer satisfaction ratings. This drum set has everything you need to become an expert drummer. If you are looking for a kit that is a good value for beginners, look no further!

The Carlsbro CSD130XXX Electronic Drum Set is known for its durability. In addition, the kit comes with a one year limited warranty just in case you have a problem with your set.

In addition, the sound quality is good for this very basic set. In addition to the set, the drums come loaded with 250 percussion voices and 20 different drum kits. Also, there is an option to access the USB port and ports for AUX and headphones.


The Carlsbro CSD130XXX Electronic Drum Set has a number of features that make this drum set an appealing choice for a variety of users. For example, some of the features include:

  • Headphone output
  • Line output
  • USE port
  • MIDI compatible
  • A display by Digitron
  • 20 different pre-loaded drum kits
  • 8 pounds
  • 8 x 16.5 x 20 inches


  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Access to promotions, such as free virtual lessons with purchase or special financing options
  • Extended coverage available for purchase
  • 250 different percussion voices
  • AUX input


  • Hard to figure out how to set up and play
  • Manual is difficult to understand
  • Speaker is not included
  • Set is hard to fold up again after opening


The Carlsbro CSD130XXX Electronic Drum Set is a very basic set that provides an ideal option for an introduction to the drums. This set is very highly rated and has been purchased by many satisfied customers. The kit comes with a stylish black drum set, and buyers have the option to obtain an extended warranty policy or sign up for free online drum lessons. In addition, the kit is loaded with 20 different drum kits and 250 difference voices.

The set is lightweight. Despite being lightweight, the set can be challenging to fold up again once it has been opened. This makes it challenging for users who want to store or transport their set to a different location. In addition, the manual does not cover all necessary areas and users have trouble figuring out how to set up and use their new drum set.


Before buying a new drum set, users often want to think about the features that are offered in different drum sets. Thus, it may help to jot down all the features that you hope to have in your drum set. As you begin your research, you may come across features that you did not realize you want. Feel free to add to your list as you go!

If you are only looking for a basic introductory drum set, there are a number of good options. For example, the Alesis Nitro Kit offers one good alternative. This provides a low price point and includes cymbals, a kick pad, durable drum pads, and much more. Additionally, this set is compatible with both PC and Mac software. Users can also access 60 play along tracks and 40 different pre-loaded kits.

The Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit is another drum set that is a comparable option through the same manufacturer. This set features enhanced practice tools, a USB MIDI connection to record sound, and all parts you would need to practice. However, the Alesis brand in general has been criticized for having poor customer service.

One of the disadvantages of the Carlsbro CSD130XXX Electronic Drum Set is that it is hard to fold up. If this is a major concern for you, then you may wish to consider purchasing the Roland V-Drums TD-4KP Portable Electronic Drum Set. This set is ideal if you will have to move the drums around to different locations or if you will be required to store the drum set frequently.


The Carlsbro CSD130XXX Electronic Drum Set is a simple drum set that is best suited for novice drum players who are planning to explore playing the drums as a hobby. It is not ideal for professional performances or paid gigs. Additionally, the set is not ideal for anyone who wishes to have a drum set that is highly portable and that can fold up quickly and easily.

This set may require users to spend a bit more time upfront reading the manual in order to set up and use the new system. However, the low price point and the inclusion of all major components make this an attractive choice for many consumers. Thus, this product would be an excellent way to delve into the drumming world to test it out before you invest in a high price drum set.

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