Top Brands Electronic Drum set for Beginners

Top Brands Electronic Drum set for Beginners

Drumming is fun especially if you get the right kit for your level. Settling for the best electronic drum set will however mean that you take a good look at the features. Whatever corresponds to your preferences might be the ideal one for you as a beginner.

E drums have so far eliminated the fear of people listening to your mistakes as you practice along. What was the effect of acoustic kits? No headphones mean that everyone across the street can hear your beats.

There is no worry over that being that you can play your electronic drums via headphones with these top brands. Also get to learn your steps faster with the interactive mechanisms.

Roland TD-1K

The best thing about this kit is that it is expandable and you can add extra cymbals and pedals later. An inclusion of mix-in jack is a plus for hooking up either a smartphone or MP3 player for the purpose of jamming all day long.

What about step by step learning? Get spoilt with the tutorial features and take your music to the next level. Beginners are privileged to up their drum techniques within a short period of practice by the help of these tutorials. Other vitals of a good drummer also include speed, accuracy and stamina which you can gain from the coach mode.

Alesis DM Nitro

This well designed drum for both beginners and intermediates is a successor to the Alesis DM6 which had only 15 programmable drum sets. Alesis DM Nitro on the other hand, gives you 40 ready to play built in drum kits. Besides, there is a further inclusion of 60 built in tracks that you can use to practice till you become a pro.

I know every drummer wants to get the real feel of drumming. This is the reason why this best electronic drum set comes with a dual zone snare sensor to avert rim shots. Its thick pads of 8” are truly ideal for long hours practice.

Alesis DM Lite

Despite that this kit is low cost, it is of absolutely high quality and good for a start. Light up of its 3LED cymbals as you hit makes this kit ideal for visual reference. You know when you hit the drum and probably where you hit as well.

You don’t want to keep on replacing the pads and this is one of the reasons to settle for Alesis DM Lite. Its rubber pads ensure that your wrists are not hurt no matter the number of hours you take practicing.

You get this kit fully assembled, comfortable with a beginner as you are privileged to play right away after purchase. It won’t take up much space, thereby making it able to fit into any room.

Yamaha DTX400K

If you are looking for a wide range of options then this Yamaha is ideal. This kit can be customized and more features upgraded as time goes by. This means that you can start with a less complicated kit and grow gradually until every bit of accessory is packed to it.

Or maybe your previous kit was Yamaha acoustic? If so, simply get up to 10 pre-loaded kits and cool sounds sampled from that acoustic to the Yamaha DTX400K best electronic drum set. Play right from the box with accent articulation to the direction of fulfilling your drumming dreams.


Whether you are switching from acoustic or just starting off, you still need the best electronic drum set to begin the transition.  Most customers know what is best but may not know how to find that which is talked of.

Take a car for example, would you buy it without test driving? Probably not and this should also apply to these kits. Just take your time playing and testing every model you contemplate on buying before making a decision. It would be better to visit any music store with practice rooms and get to know what that kit offers before ordering for the same.

All in all, ask lots of questions from online vendors to clear your mind of any doubts. It would also be perfect to enquire from neighbours and seek their opinions on the kits that they begun with as drum beginners.

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