About Me

guy wearing white shirt playing drum set

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Stinson. I am a native New Jersey guy who loves playing the drum, and I call myself an artist. Drumming is an art. In my opinion, like any fine art or martial arts, you need to have some necessary skills to express your feelings and achieve your passion/goal through your art form.

I grew up playing drum since I was in a high school. I joined the band, and I was part of a percussion team. I tried playing in college, but it didn’t work out because my computer programming classes (Computer Science major) didn’t match the band schedule. But I played at local bars every night to make some money to pay for my college tuition. Now, I just simply love playing whenever I have a chance.

I picked up an electronic drum set at a local bar because the bar didn’t have enough space. Then I fell in love with it. You see, I love drumming, but I am also a techy guy. All the cool sound that the electronic drum can make is pretty awesome. I want to share my passion as I continue to play and learn more about best electronic drums out there. I hope that I can help you to pick one up as well and we can jam together one day!

Take care,