Alesis Crimson II Drum Kit Review

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  • The Module features a USB memory stick input for uploading your WAV samples
  • The set up should only take about an hour and is not tricky setting up the first time
  • The Crimson II drum set includes a separated snare drum with stand
  • The hi-hat cymbal is twelve inches
  • Pedal included


  • The cymbals on the Crimson II drum set are cheaply made and should be replaced with more expensive cymbals by another brand, according to customer reviews
  • This electronic kit needs to be dialed in, and the settings should be adjusted as you start playing it, including the threshold and velocity sensitivity

Alesis Crimson II Kit Review

Alesis electronic drum kits are some of the top instruments that you can buy. Their products are mostly affordable, some of their professional electronic drum sets are on the expensive side, but most of them have a reasonable price for your benefit. The Alesis Crimson II Kit is an in-between when it comes to cost. It is available on Amazon, and if you buy it through them, you can view a couple customer reviews that are on there, as well as take advantage of their straightforward return and refund policy.

Sometimes Amazon is a lot easier to deal with when it comes to getting a refund, especially compared to retailers who sell only instruments. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about getting a refund since the Alesis Crimson II is a reliable piece of equipment.

Below, there is a clickable link you can utilize for purchasing. Specifications are also listed, and of course a review on the product itself.

Key Features 

  • 8” Kick
  • 12” Dual-zone snare
  • Two 8” dual-zone rack toms
  • 10” dual-zone floor tom
  • 12” hi-hat with pedal
  • Two 12” crashes with choke and 14” triple-zone ride
  • Four-post rack
  • Separated double-braced snare stand
  • Crimson II Drum Module with 74 drum kits, 671 sounds, and 120 play-along tracks
  • Built-in metronome
  • USB MIDI output
  • ¼” Stereo outputs
  • USB memory stick input
  • DMHat pedal


    The Crimson II is one of Alesis’ nine-piece electronic drum kits. It is not their largest electronic drum set, but it is a decent size. It should not take long to set up the first time. If you have had an electronic drum set before, it will take even less time; but if not, you can always use the manual that comes with it.

    On Amazon, the rating for the Alesis Crimson II Kit is just 2.6 out of 5 stars, which is not very high. Although, you should realize that the rating is coming from only two customers, so you should not base your entire opinion of the drum set on that. Not many people have had complaints on this drum set, but there has been an issue with the quality of the cymbals and the way you need to adjust the settings on the module after receiving it.

    The cymbals on the Alesis Crimson II Kit are not the best quality of cymbals. So, if you decide to buy this drum set, you might consider replacing the cymbals with another brand that is more expensive and higher quality. The brand you replace the cymbals with is up to you, but make sure you get the best since you want them to produce the best sound as possible.

    The second problem mentioned was with the settings on the Crimson II module. The module is relatively new, so issues are common, and I am sure the company will fix this in time. You will need to adjust and attune the setting of the module upon buying and assembling the drum set.

    You can change settings like the threshold and velocity sensitivity as you go. This requirement is one of the reasons why this electronic drum set is not the best for absolute beginners. It is better to have some experience before deciding to buy this instrument. It will be hard to enjoy a new drum set like this if you do not have the knowledge required to get it ready.

    For beginners and amateurs, your best bet is to buy one of the less expensive options by Alesis, like the Alesis Forge Kit, and then work your way up to an expensive professional kit such as the Crimson II.

    Electronic Vs. Traditional Drum Sets

    Some musicians prefer the feeling of playing on a traditional drum set. It is entirely understandable because there will always be certain sounds that you can only produce on a standard instrument and not on a digital one.

    However, there are also hundreds of more sounds you can play with and customize by using an electronic drum set. There are many benefits to each one. You must fine-tune your preferences and maybe open your mind to a better option than a traditional drum set.

    Just like with a regular drum set, electronic drum sets come in different price ranges, sizes, and qualities. Always try to do as much research as you can before choosing an electronic drum set; otherwise, you may not be getting the results you wanted. Alesis is a reliable brand to use.

    There are other great brands as well, but Alesis is one of the companies that offer the most options, especially for varying budgets. There is no need to limit yourself by your price range; there are options for all.

    Overview of the Alesis Crimson II Kit

    The majority of the Alesis drum kits are high-quality and have an overwhelmingly large amount of positive reviews. There are some small details to some of the kits that cause issues, but they are mostly things that are easy to fix or replace.

    The Alesis Crimson II Kit has explicitly minimal problems. There are no significant issues that would hinder your ability to be creative. As mentioned before, the only feature you might change is the cymbals, if necessary. Otherwise, the Crimson II is a great drum set. Be careful when you receive the package upon purchasing, because of the excess weight.

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