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The Best Electronic Drum Set Buying Guide for 2019

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Music has always played a significant role in the entertainment sector, and this has to do with proper musical instruments like drums. Unlike the traditional drums of yesteryears, the best electronic drum set is the norm of the present age. They allow you to encompass percussion sounds to your music and let your message reach home gently.

Buying has been made easy with the emergence of online stores, and it is effortless to spot the correct set. What you need to take into consideration first is the kind of duty you want to perform with this item. Is it for a beginner or your child? If so, then a basic 5-piece drum set would be appropriate for this group.

Alternatively, do you intend to use it for recordings or live performance? Then you better grab a quality set that will represent your musical message in a more sophisticated manner. An 8 – piece drum set would be ideal as it can provide more than you think.

Above all, it is better to work within your budget. There are numerous brands of kits, and in many cases, the price reveals the quality of these drum kits. This is another reason to compare the brands and settle on that brand, which can be within your budget.

How to choose the best electronic drum set? 

Every musical instrument has its unique features as well as the electronic drum sets. We find different categories of drum sets with unique, but essential elements. Let’s highlight some factors that could be helpful when it comes to buying the correct set.


Are you a beginner drummer or a professional drummer? Your playing experience is a significant determinant factor when it comes to getting the right set. A professional knows almost every aspect while a beginner may only be conversant with a few steps.

This calls for a seasoned drummer to get a kit with additional functional pieces such as extra cymbals and snares. On the other hand, it is ideal for a beginner to go for a basic set that is easy to follow on.


What do you intend to use the kit?  If it is live performances, then you need a bigger kit with more features than a basic one that is suitable for pleasure and home use.


Some important things to consider are drum kit prices, brands, and usability before you settle down for a set. Most online stores highlight features, and this is an excellent platform to start with to get the best electronic drum set you need. Well, we are here to help you to narrow down your selection based on our research as well.

What to look for in an excellent electronic drum set?

Are you contemplating on purchasing the best drum set and don’t know how to start? As mentioned earlier, you are in the right place. E-drum sets come in various sizes and kinds, and it is important to plan and know what will meet your requirements.

Perfect drum modules

This is the brain of the kit and is meant to keep all the sounds and effects that the drum produces. Ensure to go for a drum module with proper features that will take care of your musical needs.

Drum Rack

Choose drum racks that are sturdy and can remain firm when vibrations take place. Remember there is a lot of banging on your musical instrument, and you don’t want to keep on replacing the drum racks.


Opt for those kits that are made from quality materials. This will save you some costs that you’ll be having to spend on unnecessary malfunction due to poor quality equipment Areas such as the pedals, pads, and drums are good points for gauging the durability for best electronic drum sets. It is also important to pay attention to the features before settling on the kit to purchase. Such comparison will enlighten you further on choosing the best.

We strongly encourage you to check out the e-drums at some local music stores like Sam Ash or Guitar Center to play around with the drum sets regardless of the prices so you can get some good feels of each set.

Okay. We did our research according a set budget, and we checked out several drum sets at local music stores. Here is our top list of drum sets you should consider for your drum kit.

Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set with 8" Snare, 8" Toms, and 10" Cymbals

Roland Electronic Drum Set (TD-11K)

Alesis DM10 X Mesh Kit | Premium Ten-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Set with Chrome XRack (Mesh Drum Pads)

Roland TD-1K Electronic Drum Set Bundle with 3 Pairs of Sticks, Audio Cable, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth

Yamaha DTX522K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit with 3-Zone Textured Silicone Snare Pad

Kat Percussion KT3 Electronic Drum Set

Roland V-Drums TD-4KP Portable Electronic Drum Set Black

ddrum DD Beta Electronic Drum Kit

ddrum DD1 Complete Electronic Drum Kit with ChromaCast 10ft Cables, Earbuds & GoDpsMusic 5A Drumsticks

Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set with Realistic Kick Pedal

Alesis Nitro 8-Piece

If you want to play like a real professional then you ought to consider this 8-piece stand alone kit. Alesis Nitro is one of the best electronic drum set as it gives more play options. You can decide to either use a USB for connection to computer or plug it to a headphone and proceed on.


  • It has dynamic pads which gives a great feel
  • 8” rubber drums which are of high quality
  • Up to 60 built in tracks, performance recorder and sequencer
  • 4”super solid aluminum rack
  • Has an aux CD/MP3 input
  • 10” cymbals


  • It is easy to adjust the play along track
  • Can be set up so easily and more so, very possible to assemble it for a left hander person
  • It comes with 40 ready to play kits enabling you to create sound using the customized sounds
  • In addition, you get to up your skills with the inclusion of about 60 play tracks that are built in
  • This kit also comes with mounting racks that are firmly in place
  • The pads are made of responsive rubber which is actually perfect for any drummer


  • It is flimsy and could fall apart especially for children
  • It doesn’t contain a drum throne but only one set of sticks
  • You cannot set it up so tall but just about 6 inches
  • You don’t get a speaker or headphone as a package with this kit


The aux-in port makes this kit one of the best electronic drum sets in the market. It becomes easy to practice music, as you are able to hear music from the computer, connected to the drum via auxiliary cable.

The metronome, which is part of the drum module, makes music more interesting than you can imagine. This allows easy switching between different profiles like jazz, metal or worship profile on your computer.


If you want to get the best electronic drum sets, then Alesis Nitro kit could be your option. It is perfect for both home and professional use. Its features contribute to its steady ability even though some people perceive it to be flimsy.

The 10-inch cymbals, for instance, give you a never-ending range of playing options. Thanks to the crash with a choke that is part of it. The mounting rack also offers excellent service by ensuring that everything is kept solid and in place.

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Roland TD-11K-S

This is a perfect choice especially for those who want pre-programmed sounds. You would agree with me that finding the best electronic drum set is not an easy task. Have you been looking for a drum set that is compact and has lots of built-in features? This kit could be ideal.


  • It contains a natural-feel kick pad
  • V-Compact natural sound modules
  • Its Practical Hi-Hat combination is compact
  • It’s got a V-Pad mesh-head
  • Custom stand for its compact V-drums
  • Four pad mounts
  • Two cymbal mounts


  • It is quite light, weighing about 0.6 ounces and this makes it a perfect choice
  • It is very easy to set up and can be adjusted if the need arises
  • It also allows easy navigation and tailoring of voices
  • Contains a USB thumb drive which enables one to load loops together with MP3 tracks
  • There are a variety of pre-programmed sounds
  • Tuning to what you desire is made pretty easy with Roland TD-11K-S best electronic drum set


  • Its cymbals don’t have a good sound diversity which forces you to strike harder
  • There is no kick pedal, amplifier, throne or sticks for this kit and you have to purchase these separately
  • It lacks a bass kick


Roland TD-11K-S comes with pre-programmed sounds making it easy to get what you like by fine-tuning them. It doesn’t matter what level of drummer you are. This kit comes with videos and full instructions for help.

The built-in features are amazing, and you might not even need lots of space to have this kit in your house. Talk of tweaking on each tom? This is quite awesome, and you could be taken afar by the whole act.


Some reviews point out that the cymbals lack sound diversity as compared to acoustic kits. You can, however, get loud sound by striking harder. You would then assure yourself that Roland TD-11K-S is indeed one of the best electronic drums sets currently trending. The fact that it has friendly usability makes it possible to tailor voices to whatever kind you prefer.

All in all, you can prevent kicks from moving as you play along by using zip ties. This will ensure that you enjoy your music to the end without hindrances.

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Alesis DM10X Mesh Studio

Perhaps you have heard that heavier sticks tend to wear out pads earlier than expected. Alesis DM10X gives you the go-ahead to use lighter sticks and still achieve excellent sound output. This best electronic drum set stand-alone kit enables you to use any stereo for plugging whenever you want to play.


  • This kit comprises of the DM10 sound module which includes 12 trigger inputs plus mixer
  • Its mesh drum heads are tightly woven together to increase the playing response
  • A built-in sequencer which allows you to play along as you record yourself
  • Get uncompressed samples of up to 1,000 that features Dynamic Articulation
  • Four piece cymbal set


  • Alesis DM 10X best electronic drum set has good quality internal sound
  • Easy to use as you can practice, perform and record with natural samples and response
  • It only takes about an hour to set up, which is pretty easy and the rig is also straightforward
  • The pads are a bit thinner enabling you to get closer to the right feel


  • Doesn’t come along with a throne, kick pedal and sticks which you need to buy separately
  • The ghost notes are challenging to achieve as compared to the ones on an acoustic set
  • The fact that it comes with European AC power cord is not received well by some customers: this could result to not playing the kit right away but wait for a replacement


This kit falls into the category of best electronic drum sets because of its premium nature. The dual zone mesh head, an improvement from previous Alesis, gives purely new control and sound feel altogether. It is possible to adjust the drum heads knobs to get the precise response needed.

Alesis Articulation technology is quite dynamic and features prime definition DM10 sound module. Every sound is a series of unique samples, and the drums will change depending on how hard or soft you play.


Alesis DM 10 X Mesh kit is still graded among the best electronic drum sets worldwide. This kit bits all odds, as it is perfect for both studio as well as live recordings. Its improved feel gives professional drummers a winning platform. Its reduced acoustic noise makes it a perfect choice for late-night practice players.

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Roland TD-1K V Drum Set with Stick Sampler

Have you been looking for a kit that saves you both time and money? This all-in-one best electronic drum set comes with all the necessary accessories, which will enable you, play right away. Also, get onboard training as well as recording abilities to take you a step further.


  • Adjustable drum rack that is compact
  • Three top pads and a snare
  • TD-1 percussion sound module
  • Beater-less kick plus hi-hat pedals
  • Drumsticks of 3 sets
  • An audio cable measuring 3.5mm
  • A polishing cloth


  • It’s got a user interface that is easy to operate
  • It is also easy to adjust the sturdy drum rack height
  • It comes with lots of extra accessories
  • You can drum in whatever musical style that suits your needs
  • Has a couch function and a recorder that you can use to build and up your playing skills
  • Very convenient to use for practicing within the home because the beater-less kick pedals produce low noise
  • Saves space and can fit into any room


  • The front stand is not wide
  • The hi-hat mount is a bit short; not long enough
  • It has small drums, which would not be ideal for a pro
  • There is also a limitation as to how you position the cymbals, drums and set up the stand


This electronic drum set falls in the category of premier sets as it comes with all essentials like audio cable and stick sampler. On top of that, this kit allows you to practice with your own tracks or the onboard audio songs. Simply connect your Smart Phone to the Mix In Jack and learn within seconds.


Many love Roland TD-1 K V Drum as it gives you the possibility of playing quietly with its beater-less kick pedals. Despite negative reviews of its front stand being slim, this kit remains one best electronic drum set as it saves you space. Its stylish look and design can practically fit into any room however small.

This kit has no limits when it comes to height adjustments. Just quickly position the sturdy drum rack to whatever height and let your kids enjoy the going. This can also be returned to adult-height making it suitable for every drummer and everyone within the home.

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Yamaha DTX522K Customizable Drum Set:

This is the kit to go for especially for those who take endless hours practicing. This kit will allow you to have fun while drumming hence making it one such best electronic drum set of the present age. With Yamaha DTX522K set, you wouldn’t have to worry about harming your wrists and arms because of the cushion air bubbles at the head.


  • Free IOS App for quick customization and song importation
  • 3-zone textured snare pads
  • 3-zone hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals
  • Drum trigger module comprising of 32 note tone generator


  • Very easy to set up especially with the assistance of youtube videos
  • It includes a free app
  • It costs less making it affordable for many buyers
  • Yamaha DTX522k kit is very durable, and you don’t have to replace its parts occasionally
  • Got good sound quality
  • It's customizable, and you can switch from one style to another like from techno to maple and jazz
  • It is possible to gauge the density from the cymbals and triggers to play either light or heavy


  • The kit lacks kick pedal
  • The app does not support Android-based systems
  • Has no internal speaker and you have to use either an external speaker or your headphones


Yamaha is still in the category of best electronic drum sets that offer quality output. It comes with free song-beats that enable easy creation and customization of accompaniments to use for your kit. Do you like double bass? Use setting three to set Hi-hat for this functionality.

The drum trigger module also sets this kit at a leading range of close to 700 drum and percussion sounds. Its 3-zone cymbal pad is capable of producing numerous sounds and also got perfect stick feel plus low acoustic noise.


This kit remains recommendable for those who take lots of hours practicing. The fact that the head is comprised of air bubbles gives it an enticing feel to drummers. Both the cymbals and drums triggers are made such that they gauge how hard you are striking at any given point.

Many customers regard this kit as among those best electronic drum set even though some feel otherwise.  Some reviews pointed that the bass drum does not have a real kick pedal feel although this can be purchased and attached separately.

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There are plenty of excellent drum kits to choose from. Nevertheless, only one will be right for your individualistic needs and preferences. Only you can find out which one is right for you. As long as you stick with one of the drums above kits, there is a good chance that you’re going to be completely satisfied with your investment.


As you can see in the above list, there is man great drum kits to choose from. We selected the ones that are budget friendly and the ones that are used for concerts and studio recordings. In the end, however, it comes down to your individualistic needs and preferences for selecting the right drum kit. We understand that it is overwhelming for you to find the best electronic drum set for yourself. We are merely trying to help you to navigate through the selections, and we hope that we helped you to see different aspects of your purchasing process.