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One of the most essential instruments within a band are the drums. Other instruments are not capable of replicating the drums. These percussive instruments are required to keep the tempo for the entire band. In order to accomplish this, a drummer must practice keeping the rhythm. One of the most effective ways to practice tempo, speed, and rhythm is by using a tabletop drum kit. Finding the best tabletop drum kit is imperative for perfecting your drumming capabilities.

Why Should I Invest in a Tabletop Drum Kit?

Practicing on a full-size drum kit can be difficult because it is such a naturally loud instrument, and not everyone has the space or budget to accommodate adding a full electronic drum set within their residence. For those who may be limited in space or limited in budget, a tabletop drum set can save the day and provide a practice session with space savings.

In addition to practicing, a good tabletop drum set could even be utilized with the right software to optimize recordings. With a plethora of sounds, a tabletop drum kit can really make a beginner or novice sound like an expert.

A more experienced drummer will also need to practice those fancier fill-ins and “licks” for when they have the chance to shine in the middle of a song. A tabletop drum kit will allow a notice or advanced drummer to practice a wide variety of drumming techniques.

The Evolution of Tabletop Drum Kits

Starting a garage band with no garage may have been a daunting task through the 1990s but with great technological advancements in the late ’90s and continued through today, electronic drum kits have provided opportunities to many who may have never been able to explore their talent.

Initially created for major recording artists and engineers, electronic drum sets were made to look and feel very similar to acoustic drum sets. These electronic drum sets were made to simply play a recorded sound recorded from an actual acoustic drum. There were only two real advantages of electronic drums during this time. These electronic drums gave musicians volume control and a distinctive sound.

Unlike the small advantages, there was a large disadvantage. The major disadvantage to the electronic drum set during this time was their large, immobile design.

As those times passed and technology evolved, we now have drum pads with pressure sensitive tops. There are also drum pads that have the look and feel of an acoustic drum. This means you don’t have to sacrifice the feel of the look and feel of an acoustic drum when using an electric drum kit.

We also now have the technology to produce quality synthesized equipment with a portable design and minimal power requirements. Some of these electronic drum kits can be battery operated. This means they can be used virtually anywhere.

What are the Benefits of a Tabletop Drum Kit?

At the bare minimum, an acoustic drum set is comprised of multiple drums and cymbals. If a drummer wishes to add a new sound to his portfolio, it could potentially require him to add an additional component. For example, if a drummer wished to add a tambourine or triangle, he would need to add the individual percussion element to his acoustic setup accordingly.

One of the most useful features of an electric drum kit is the ability to incorporate sound synthesizing. A synthesizer typically generates an electric signal and then converts the electric signal into a tone or sound. These features found within an electronic drum kit are also found in a tabletop drum kit.

A tabletop drum kit will give you the features of an electronic drum kit in a smaller amount of space.

The Best Tabletop Drum Kits

The beauty of tabletop drum kits is their ability to be taken on-the-go anytime. A tabletop drum kit that can be plugged in and played will allow you to play your electronic drum kit anywhere that offers a power supply. Many electronic drum kit manufacturers also offer a quality tabletop version. Some of the best tabletop drum kits can be found below.

Best Tabletop Drum Kit Package

This drum kit package by Yamaha includes the tabletop drum kit pad, a pair of drumsticks, two-foot pedals, and a power supply. Not to mention, Yamaha manufacturers quality sound equipment, including percussion instruments, sound equipment, and various audio accessories. If you are looking for a tabletop drum kit that includes additional accessories, this Yamaha tabletop drum kit package is at the top of the list.

Best Affordable Tabletop Drum Kit

If you are looking to purchase a tabletop drum kit under $100, this Alesis tabletop drum kit is the best for the money. Alesis has become a widely-known percussion company that specializes in electronic drum equipment. Included in this tabletop drum kit is a pair of drumsticks and over the ear headphones. Headphones are an easily overlooked requirement for drummers!

Best Portable Tabletop Drum Kits

What better way to carry your tabletop drum kit than by rolling it up and putting it into a bag? This Miniartis roll-up tabletop drum kit comes with 10 practice pads, built-in speakers, headphone jack, two-foot pedals, and a pair of drumsticks. When you want to take your tabletop drum kit with you, simply roll it up and place it into the included carrying bag!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in an electronic drum kit and a tabletop drum kit?

A tabletop drum kit will offer you a wide variety of convenient options. Having a tabletop drum kit to comfortably sit and practice various techniques will prove to be greatly beneficial when putting on a live performance or recording a track or album. The main difference between a tabletop drum kit and an electronic drum kit is the convenient portability that the tabletop drum kit offers. A tabletop drum kit can essentially be taken anywhere, whereas an electronic drum kit is typically stationary.

Which brand tabletop drum kit should I purchase?

Tabletop drum kits are typically manufactured by the same companies that create electronic drum kits and other various audio equipment. Purchasing a tabletop drum kit by a reputable company, such as Yamaha or Roland, will ensure you receive a quality piece of equipment constructed by a company that specializes in these types of equipment.

What is more important among tabletop drum kits: portability, affordability, or quality?

While you shouldn’t have to forego any of the above, it is understandable that it is difficult to have all three characteristics live within your tabletop drum kit. This means you will have to decide which characteristic is most important for you.

Think about these considerations when making your decision.

Do you need a tabletop drum kit that provides a comfortable area for you to practice technique without a wide variety of additional features? Then an affordable tabletop drum kit may be your best choice.

Do you need a top-quality drum kit with an array of sound customizations and features? Consider investing in a high end, quality tabletop drum kit. This tabletop drum kit can also double as a quality electronic drum kit that you may be able to incorporate into your full-size acoustic drum kit to make a hybrid set.

Do you need a tabletop drum kit that can be easily packed up and carried between places? Then you should consider the best portable tabletop drum kits for this application.


So what’s the bottom line to finding the best tabletop drum kit? The choice is yours. It comes down to the type of tabletop drum kit you need and why you need it.

A tabletop drum kit will allow you to play electronic drums comfortably on the surface of any table. This means you can take your tabletop drum kit virtually anywhere. With the features and benefits of an electronic kit, a tabletop drum kit will allow you to incorporate synthetic sounds into your performances.

You can add the tabletop drum kit to your full-size acoustic drum set and create a hybrid drum set. A hybrid drum set is a combination of acoustic and electronic drums, and this hybrid combination offers a wide variety of benefits to drummers.

Tabletop drum kits are a practical, affordable, and versatile practice pad or electronic kit that will give you the result you are looking to obtain. If you are looking for a pad that you can place on a table for practice purposes, a tabletop drum kit is perfect for this application.

Additionally, if you are looking to add an electronic feature to your acoustic drum set, you can add a tabletop drum kit and create a hybrid combination. The options are endless with what all you can do by having the best tabletop drum kit.

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