DTX 950K Vs TD-11K-S

Both Roland and Yamaha electronic brands have continued to rise with time. The urge to produce best electronic drum sets has seen these companies strive to deliver the best to their clients.

From customers’ reviews, there seems to be a link between these two electronic sets. Being that they hail from two different companies, there is something that of cause makes each of them stand out.


DTX950K has a high degree of playability and is regarded as Yamaha’s top drum system of the current time.  It encompasses a tone generator and features the latest innovative DTX-PAD. This kit also has the best control and triggering ability to take your drumming to the next level.

The compact TD-11K-S-V also comes with great features making it fun to play. Its modules give a real feel, enabling you to focus more on your steps and progress.

Sound quality

TD-11K-S comprises of a super natural technology which is responsible for enhancing the sound module performance. Just strike harder if you want it loud or vice versa. If you want limited music effect, Roland is giving it all with this kit. No need to crescendo, decrescendo with this best electronic drum compact kit.

DTX 950K will give you what you as of it. This kit will produce different kinds of sound on ground of where you hit the 3-zone cymbal pad. The drum trigger module also has a lot to do with the sound complexity.  You may think that the real sound of traditional drum is duplicated by this set once you get hold of those drumming sticks.


Roland’s TD-11K-S is a compact kit which will fit into any size of room. Its lightweight is also a plus to those in the professional field and move from time to time. This could be to perform in parties and the like.

TD-11K-S has all you need to let you play straight away. Its layout is also up to the game and you feel comfortable playing this kit.

Experience a real feel for both the toms and snare from DTX950K’s 3 zone pad. Its components give a good leeway whenever you want to use standard acoustic drum hardware.


Roland gives an easy to use console which is adjustable with much ease. Just a click of a button and you get your preferred sound.

DTX AUX IN jack gives you an avenue to sample external sound. Or do you want to sample yourself? Then create your own with this easy to use device by simply processing data with available onboard effects.

Capabilities of these best electronic drum sets

DTX comes with great capabilities enabling even the layering of numerous voices within one pad. You may decide to play these simultaneously or singly as you prefer. The unique Stack and Alternate Function features put this kit at a great level when it comes to delivering expressive power.

Get a super natural feel with the cymbals, all the modules and the kick pad. If you have used these two kits then you would have noticed the realistic playing experience that TD-11 K-S-V brings to your feel. The imagination of using a compact kit is faded away once you get hold of this Roland kit.


Roland TD-11 K-S may be priced a little bit more as compared to the other kits in the same category. It fits into both the mid-level and professional drummers’ levels and is a good leeway for using as a starter up and then upgrading later. Even though it doesn’t come with kick pedals, you still get an all-compact kit to set the pace.

DTX brands tend to favor every kind of buyer from beginners to high-level drummers. Their rates are cost-effective and the good thing is that you are able to create your own sounding kits.


These companies offer their best with some little differences. Are you more into generic sounding? Then opt for Roland as they do not produce acoustic drums and hence give original samples.

Yamaha on the other hand produces both acoustic and some of the best electronic drum set. They hence include sampled acoustic lines into e-kits to give it a brand new feeling. If you love those Yester years’ bits then DTX has all in store for you.

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