Electronic Drum Brands

Maybe many people may not have known that electronic drums were already available from the mid-1970s with Syndrum being the first one. These came in single, twin and quad configurations and soon took the stage. It was not before long when Simmons Company came into the picture, later on, to move the best electronic drum set production to a different level.

Simmons’s well-known model is the SD1000-5 piece set which has its hi-hat foot multi-positioned and required little effort to fix. Another kit from this company is the SD500 which comes with most accessories including the three kick pedals.

Some more known companies like Yamaha and Roland immediately joined the squad and have been expanding and upgrading their models to date. Let’s have a deep look at these brands.

Roland Brand

This has been a long-time manufacturer of electronic drums and is still in the top leads. Its good reputation has seen drummers of every genre find what suits them. This company offers so many types of kits which include.

Roland HD-3 V Drums Lite kit which fits all categories of drummers is ideal for both professionals and beginners. The incorporated interface is very easy to use and any beginner finds it adaptable.

Another popular product from this brand is the Roland TD-9KX2 V Tour which is more advanced and majorly suitable for professional drummers.

Roland TD-11K V compact is also one of the products. It responds pretty fast and therefore is perfect for recording, teaching and practice purposes.

Alesis Studio Best Electronic Drum Set

Alesis manufacturer was actually the first in line to come up with affordable kits to suit every group of drummers. And talk of Dynamic Articulation? You choose how hard or soft you want to hear your music.

For a rich hit, simply hit the pad harder although a softer hit will produce something cool and not so ear-breaking. The dynamic articulation mechanism is much more responsible for what each drum produces and can be heard from each.

Look at Alesis DM10 for example; a six-piece kit with high definition drum module for both home and professional usage.  This was also the first kit to enable the usage of USB for purposes of transferring drum sounds, making practising fun but simple.

Alesis Forge 8-piece Electronic drum is another product which was very trendy in the past years. This kit includes a forge drum module and included a free drumstick as well.

Yamaha manufacturers

This company is well known for producing not only the best electronic drum set but also quality acoustic drums. More so, their products are pocket friendly making it a good option, especially for those who are just getting into the world of drumming.

Another big up for Yamaha is its reputation for music education. This is where the urge to produce training functions started. Its training materials are user-friendly and support all groups of drummers.

Besides, Yamaha has continued to update its onboard training mechanisms over the years. Sessions like warm-up, rhythm exercises and games are now becoming popular with other brands; thanks to Yamaha for the eye-opener.

One advantage of Yamaha is the inclusion of a groove tracker in their training system which is very good for starting grounds. The voice guidance mechanism is just awesome in training your voice and interacting with you along the way.

Some of its products that have been in the market for a long include the DTX400K kit.  This kit’s hi-hat pad and the controller are good at supporting both open and closed hi-hat hits.

Other brands

Some brands that continue to bring forth pleasant goodies despite not being known by many include.

Pyle Pro Ped04 Professional Drum Kit

Pyle Pro PED04 professional drum kit offers an all-in-one solution from its compact design. You will find up to 11 pre-set drum kits giving a variation of four built-in metronomes.

Behringer XD8USB

Behringer XD8USB from Acorn Behringer manufactures is an 8-piece electronic kit which comes with a free American Hickory Drumstick. It also gives a real drumming experience with its high-definition sampling technology.


Every brand has got a feature that acts as its defining factor when it comes to molding the best electronic drum set. This makes each kit unique in its own way despite the upgrades that continue to occur from time to time.

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