Electronic Instruments You Need to Complete Your Band

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There are many reasons everyone should have electronic instruments, especially for bands in the early part of their career. Whether it is the portability or just the flexibility of sounds and tones that electronic instruments offer, bands will greatly benefit from building and investing in a set of electronic instruments. Below, we will discuss some of the key electronic instruments needed to get your band off on the right track; the recording track, that is.

Electronic Piano (Keyboard)

Unless you have the clout and the financials of someone like Billy Joel, you are unlikely to be hauling your $200K Baldwin grand piano to every venue. Not to mention that even Billy Joel uses a keyboard from time to time. Not only that, but a Baldwin is not going to give a library of sounds and tone to choose from to fit the genre or your band’s music.

The electronic piano is a must for every band that uses piano sounds. The possibility for developing unique sounds is endless, and the portability of an electronic piano will be better or your back.

Electric Guitar

This one seems especially obvious, but the electric guitar is a staple of rock music. However, the electric guitar is not just for rockers – the sounds and tone you can create with an electric guitar are nearly as limitless as the electronic piano. Many genres of music rely on the electric guitar to complement or even lead in sounds and rhythms not usually associated with the instrument. With today’s electric guitar technology, the sound effects you can add to a guitar know no bounds.

In addition to the regular electric guitar, acoustic guitars can also be purchased with electric pickups. This is especially ideal for live shows. While you could technically place an instrument microphone in front of the guitar, this is very limiting to motion, and it will just not pick up the true tone of the acoustic like built-in pickups will.

Electronic Drums

One of the most difficult parts of setting up for live shows is setting up the drum set. The kick and toms take up an incredible amount of space, and the symbols can be very heavy to carry around. While there is something to be said for the tone of real drums, electronic drums can offer those same sounds and even more. Electronic drums are great for track recording in the studio and for live shows where the sound needs to be a little more controlled.

Electronic drums also offer incredible portability and break down much more easily than regular drum sets do. One of the greatest advantages of an electronic drum set is that the toms and symbols do not carry any sound. Like the guitar, they have sensors and pickups that send the sound to an amplifier. This means late night practices on the drum set can be done with a pair of headphones. Say goodbye to the days of having angry neighbors or annoyed house members.

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