Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne Review: Heavyweight Ready?

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Quick Overview





  • Well packaged
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for travel


  • Plywood base can break
  • Does not come with the drum key to loosen the memory lock

Key Features 

The Gibraltar 6608 Drum Throne has a number of features that lend it general appeal as an everyday drum throne. Some of the top features include the following:

  • DoubleBraced Moto Style Throne
  • Motorcyclestyle vinyl seat
  • Top grade foam for maximum comfort
  • Memory lock height adjust
  • Doublebraced collapsible base
  • Top dimensions: 15-1⁄2”W x 13-1⁄4”D x 3-1⁄4”H
  • Adjusts from18″ to 24″ high


    Drum thrones are the invisible element in any drummer's kit. While they do not produce any sound, they are still critical to the music. If a drummer is struggling with comfort for an entire show or practice session, the results will usually be less than desirable. With this mind, we take a look at how well the 6608 meets the key specifications for a drum throne. 


    Padding and cushioning are very good for the price. It does not match the comfort of the best thrones but it is extremely competitive in this price range. The motorcycle-style seat is an attractive feature to most because it does not cut off circulation to the legs but some feel that it limits their creativity.

    The 6608 is not made to swivel but will swivel if the base is not tightened. This is not recommended as many who do this report creeping, particularly for heavier drummers.

    The 6608 does not come with a backrest but there are a number of clamp-style backrests—including those made by Gibraltar—that would work nicely with the 6608. Some drummers feel that the lack of a backrest enhances their core stability and allows them to be more active in their playing style but others—particularly heavier drummers—will appreciate the additional comfort of a backrest.


    The single biggest complaint about the 6608 is that it does not come with the drum key that is required to adjust the height.

    Shorter users and those with children report problems with the minimum height limit.

    Although the specifications say the height can be adjusted all the way up to 24” for taller drummers, some users—particularly heavier users— report that the throne does not feel stable at that height.


    Reviews are mixed on weight capacity. The Gibraltar site does not mention a specific upper limit and users weighing as little as 200 lbs have reported problems. On the other hand, much heavier users 280 lbs) report no issues at all.


    The 6608 falls comfortably into the middle range of pricing for drum thrones. We think it offers a decent value for the price. Potential buyers should take care not to make too much of the name, however, as this may be a case of a little too much marketing hype. 


    The Gibraltar 6608 is an attractive choice in the middle price range for drummers of average size and weight. It suffers somewhat from the perception that it is designed with heavier drummers in mind. While that may be what is written on the advertising copy, we would advise heavier and/or taller drummers to look elsewhere. Shorter drummers and those with children should make sure that 18” of height is low enough for their purposes prior to purchase.

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