How Electronic Drums Work

How Electronic Drums Work

Have you ever wondered how these excellent sounds producing instruments work? Yesteryear drummers were tied to conventional drumming but that has since changed. Best electronic drum sets of the present age have eliminated this fact and hence drummers have the ability to trigger basses and encompass lighting sounds.

The emergence of high notch electronic sets has enabled drummers to acquire more tutorial lessons thereby enhancing drumming abilities. This is a pretty way of learning and having fun at the same time.

Let’s understand what is required of these electronic drum sets in order for them to send the message home. These are the Transducers and the Brain.


These are the trigger pads and module and come in different forms corresponding to the instrument. They are mostly embedded within the housing unit. There is a playing surface made of either mesh or rubber, from where signal is sent to the module.  It however doesn’t matter as both function in the same manner. Once the pad is hit, message is sent to the module or brain and the corresponding note of that channel is produced in form of sound

The trigger will relay the sound in the manner you command it to. If triggered harder, lots of signal will go to the module resulting to higher volume. Otherwise if it is hit with a lighter thud, we get much of a quieter sound from the module


This is usually referred to as the drum module and is responsible for sound production. There are lots of variations in these modules depending on the type, sound quality and additional sound effects that they bring forth

Ever wondered how presets come about? Well the brain is responsible for that whole scenario. Genres like rock, hip-hop, jazz plus all those favorites come from what the brain stores. With a push of a button, you are well to go into the land of enjoying your favorite hits as you drum along

There is no limitation to building your customized kit because most of the best electronic drum sets have the capacity for this. Through the brain module, the help of toms, cymbals, kick drums and snares makes it easy for you to actually come up with your customized kits

Besides the brain and trigger modules, there are other parts that are necessary for good sound quality. It is important to understand that this is a special kind of musical instrument that is meant to partly replace the acoustic drum kit.

With an electronic drum, there has to be a digital sound module which is responsible for conveying percussion sounds. This has to go along with electric sensors which on the other hand trigger the sounds. The drumsticks are what are needed to strike the sensors to generate any sound.

Buying an electronic set would mean that you find everything as a package except for fewer accessories. The drum pads are usually part of the kit, mounted on a rack to give you that perfect chance of going about your hitting gigs. The pads are simply discs made or either rubber or cloth-like coating and their main work is to generate electric signals once their sensors are struck.

This signal is what is then transmitted via cables to the brain of the drum and continues its work as seen earlier. Electronic drums are seen as an upgrade of the acoustic ones with better sound quality and improved services.


The manner in which electronic drums work enables a single kit to simulate several of sound s of an acoustic kit perfectly. Imagine switching instantly from vintage jazz to rock and so forth. Besides, other options like hand claps, piano, and orchestral timpani can well be added with lots of ease.

It is not wise to assume that you now know how these kits work without actually trying it out for yourself. Most of the stores do not only offer best electronic drum set but also take a little time to equip you with the skills.

In case you are a first time user or just switching from the traditional drumming, ensure you test your skills before deciding on the kit to settle for. This would ensure that you enjoy your electronic journey as far as drumming is concerned.

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