How to Become a Better Drummer

man in sleeveless playing drum set

Beginners who are just now finding their love for this diverse instrument and seasoned drummers alike are both familiar with the constant yearning to improve their craft and become a better musician.

Nobody becomes the best drummer overnight – you have to start somewhere. Here’s some great advice from the pros about how to better your drumming ability.

1. Understand the Fundamentals

Refreshing your understanding in the fundamentals of drumming is a good place to start. You should know how to read drum sheet music as fluently as you read your regular alphabet. Rudiments are also very important for a skilled drummer to be familiar with, so working on those never hurts either. Another valuable fundamental to practice is metronome, which will help you understand and follow rhythm.

2. Try Filming Yourself

When you warm up before you practice, ensure that you are using a regular pattern so that you are able to better evaluate the progress that you make over time. A good way to look back and analyze your drumming is to film your practice sessions; this allows you to analyze your drumming and evaluate yourself in order to improve your skills.

3. Invest in a Better Drum Set

Sometimes, a drum set upgrade is in order. Playing with an old, broken down drum set will only hinder your journey to become a better musician, so scoping out the drum kit market never hurts. Finding a complete package drum kit can renew your energy and commitment to the instrument, and encourage you to keep pursuing your goal of becoming a better drummer.

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4. Start Slow

When trying to improve your drumming skills, you don’t want to begin going as hard and fast as you possibly can. Start by learning to play a slower song that you still enjoy – this way you can get more practice in with the technique and basic movements before you increase your speed. When it comes to mastering the drums, nothing can be forced.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice!

This may sound self-explanatory, but it is still worth mentioning: practice is key to improving your musical skills. By practicing as frequently as you can, you will better develop your skills in both of your hands and (hopefully) eventually level out the strength in your hands so that you are equal in both and not limited to the restraints of having one dominant hand and one weaker hand.

Practicing will help you become more familiar with your drum set, and in turn more familiar with your music. Your drum kit should be an extension of each of your body parts - your feet, hands, and eyes. Let yourself become completely comfortable with each of these body parts interacting with your drum kit.

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