How to Play Electronic Drums

Drumming is such a unique profession and many people are now realizing the benefits that come with it. Electronic drums work more or less like the traditional ones except that they encompass lots of technology. There are the best electronic drum sets that come with tutorials thereby making it easy to learn the techniques.

You can take pretty little time to learn drumming skills given that drummers are in demand. Practising and mastering are what could take up your time, at times going to months. Since practice makes perfect, once you decide to get into this, then it is better to sojourn on until you perfect it. Do you want to learn how to play electronic drums? We have some great tips for you. So, let’s dive in!

Familiarize yourself with the kit

There are different kits with many being rated as the best electronic drum sets in the market. Whatever kit you decide to settle on, make sure to familiarize yourself with it first.

It would also be ideal to start off with kits that are not so complicated. A later upgrade would be beneficial once you have acquainted yourself with the basic utilities of the kit. This could be via adding more accessories to the kit you already have or just buying a high-grade set.

Acquire everything you need

You need to invest time in order to get better as practice makes perfect. Besides time, know the essentials which are mandatory for a drummer to start off. Some kits come as a complete package and you are able to play right from the box, while others lack certain accessories to start playing.

Ensure you have drumsticks because this is one of the major necessities of a drummer. Drum pads are the next utilities that need to be incorporated. Some pads have a built-in metronome, which is quite useful for keeping down the drum sound.

Proceed to the rhythms

Ensure to master simple rhythms and patterns of drumming before proceeding to complex ones over a period of time. It is ideal to also factor in the counting of quarter notes. You may decide to use either a metronome or click track to do practices.

Learn limb independence

It is important to know your snare drum rudiments like strokes. Whether single or double, strokes are essential in building drum complexity. Striking the drum with one beat brings forth a single-stroke pattern. Otherwise, a downward movement strike from alternate hands will lead to a double-stroke pattern.

You simply need to know how to go about your strokes and with time, you will be on your way to becoming a fast drummer. The feet also have a role even though this appears like doing complicated things at once.

Move to complex rhythms

Best electronic drum sets have the ability to mix complex rhythms via the use of drum machines. They are good at building rhythm arrangement and once you learn the basics, move on to the next level. It is ideal to note that drum machines also have a MIDI support system and this is good to enable easy integration with your electronic kit.

Make use of percussion controllers

Once you have felt that you are making it a step further, move on to the use of percussion controllers. These are meant to allow the triggering of sounds from the pad set by the use of sticks.

Take care of sound variations

The main aim to go into drumming is to be able to produce well-refined music. All these go back to sound and that is why it is important to take care of the percussion sound. These kits have got programmable sounds and all that is required of you is to pick and properly refine a wide array of sounds.

The sound profile is adjustable to ensure that you get that exact kind suitable for a particular genre of music. It would be up to you to opt for a full or partial sound pattern with some sharp snare. Though it is better to stick to what you understand best.


Learning how to play electronic drums only needs passion and determination. Being that the best electronic drum sets offer training techniques has made it possible to have fun while learning at the same time. Every journey starts with a single step; so your first attempt is your first step to achieving your goals as long as you have the passion.

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