Simmons SD2000 Review

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  • The LCD on the sound module is very readable
  • The drum set rack and drum heads have a unique look
  • The snare is large
  • Multi-zone cymbal pads come with the set
  • Large cymbals allow for more comfortable playing


  • This drum set does not accommodate for a double pedal
  • The snare is not on a separate stand
  • Drum rack and pads are multi-colored
  • This drum set is hard to find for sale and is out of stock on even Guitar Center’s website, so you may have to find a used one


  • Tension-adjustable mesh drum heads
  • Multi-zone cymbal pads: 13” dual-zone crash with choke, 15” triple-zone ride, and 12” hi-hat
  • Three dual-zone tomes
  • 9” bass drum with non-slip standard
  • Anodized aluminum racks with diecast mounts)

Sound Module 

    • Connection to the Simmons Signature Sound Library
    • Large full-color LCD screen
    • LUSB drive
    • Built-in performance mixer

    As a musician, you only want the finest instruments to use because they produce the best sounds. Of course, a real musician can make music on almost anything, but even the most experienced professional might feel a bit limited on creativity if they are playing on a cheaply made piece of equipment.

    One great instrument is the Simmons SD2000 Electronic Drum Kit; it is not a traditional set of drums, but rather an electronic one. In this Simmons SD2000 Review, you will learn more about electronic drum sets and the fantastic features of the SD2000.

    Electronic Drum Sets

    Traditional drum sets produce beautiful sounds and create vibrations that are incredibly mesmerizing. However, when you play on a regular drum set, it is loud enough to where your neighbors or roommates might be annoyed. Not everyone appreciates music as much as musicians, and some people like to hear your music, but they don’t want to listen to you practicing regularly.

    So, the best solution that will keep everyone happy is to buy an electronic drum set instead of a traditional one. Electronic drum sets produce very little noise out loud; the sound goes through headphones or onto your computer instead.

    Electric drum sets use thin pads that are sometimes in a wooden case; usually, it is just the pad. They are set up the same way as traditional drum sets. Several brands that make regular drum sets, also make the electronic ones, so they are usually easy to find both online and in music stores.

    About the Simmons SD2000

    One brand that offers a line of electronic drum sets is Simmons. Today we are focusing on the Simmons SD2000, one of their best drum sets. They have other options as well; to find out more about them, check out the Simmons website to learn more.

    Simmons SD2000 Review

    Depending on where you go, the Simmons SD2000 is somewhat expensive, but it is worth the money. The drum set’s main feature that stands out right away is the type of mesh pads it has. The mesh pads are tension-able and feature variable attack response technology, which helps a lot with picking up every little sound you make while you are playing.

    Some other electronic drum sets do not have this type of response technology, so recordings are not always smooth when you play them back. The snare on the SD2000 also has options for creative triggering.

    The overall look of the Simmons SD2000 drum set is elaborate and multi-colored. Some people may not like this and would rather have a simple look, but that is on opinion; everyone wants different styles.

    The snare on this drum set is relatively large; it is an 11” triple-zone mesh snare. Some electronic drum sets keep the snare separated on a stand, which could be useful for practicing on the road, but this set has the snare pad attached to the rack like the rest of the pads.

    The possible deal-breaker with the Simmons SD2000 is that it does not accommodate for a double pedal. That is a huge issue to some professional drummers. Other than that, the drum set is flawless and should survive for a long time if you take care of it. Drum sets are supposed to be made to withstand rough playing and hardcore drumming; otherwise, they are useless.

    Summary of the Simmons SD2000

    If you buy the right kind, an electronic drum set can help you push the boundaries of your musical creativity. There are sounds and samples that you can download from the Simmons Signature Sound Library onto your drum module. This sound library and the other features on the module let you play with the sound of your music, record and play it back, and control aspects like volume, EQ, pitch, and shape.

    You can not go wrong by buying a Simmons SD2000. There is so much to love about this drum set and so little to hate about it. Usually, electronic drum sets tend to have technical problems, or there are not enough triggers and sensors, but the SD2000 comes equipped with everything you need to make the best-sounding music.

    In this Simmons SD2000 Review, you read about the specifications and features of this electronic drum set and how they improve your playing skills by pushing the limits of your creativity. If you are nervous because you regularly play a traditional drum set rather than an electronic one, do not worry too much.

    If anything, your playing skills will sound better since you can tweak the sound levels and other aspects as you are playing. It is easy to learn quickly and get used to the setup.

    If you decide that the Simmons SD2000 is the right electronic drum set for you and you would like to buy it, you will have to look for one online. It is not available on Amazon or through Guitar Center, so you must view other third-party retailers. However, once you find it, make sure that this is the drum set you want.

    Use this Simmons SD2000 Review and other reviews made by musicians and customers online to help you make a final decision; then you can make your purchase.

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