Top Brands Electronic Drum Set for Beginners

Drumming is a lot of fun, especially when you get the right drum kit for your level. Settling for the best electronic drum set will, however, mean that you take a good look at the features and functions each electronic drum manufacturing company can offer to you. As a beginner, you may have numerous options for your new kit, but let’s look at what the top brands can deliver to win your business.

You can make tons of mistakes as you practice, and you won’t have to worry about people listening to it. Electronic drums are more graceful to those mistakes and allow you to be more confident when you sit on a drum throne. What was the effect of acoustic drum kits? No headphones mean that everyone in your neighborhood can hear your beats.

The following top brands offer their distinct features that allow you to enhance your drumming and help to learn your steps faster with interactive mechanisms.

Roland TD-1K

The best thing about this kit is that it is expandable, and you can add extra cymbals and pedals later. An inclusion of a mix-in jack is a plus for hooking up either a smartphone or MP3 player for the purpose of jamming all day long.

What about step-by-step learning? Get spoiled with the tutorial features and take your music to the next level. Beginners are privileged to increase their drum techniques within a short period of practice with the help of these tutorials. Other vitals of a good drummer also include speed, accuracy, and stamina, which you can gain from the coach mode.


Alesis DM Nitro

This well-designed drum for both beginners and intermediates is a successor to the Alesis DM6 which had only 15 programmable drum sets. Alesis DM Nitro, on the other hand, gives you 40 ready to play built-in drum kits. Besides, there is a further inclusion of 60 built-in tracks that you can use to practice until you become a pro.

I know every drummer wants to get the real feel of drumming. This is the reason why this best electronic drum set comes with a dual-zone snare sensor to avert rim shots. Its thick pads of 8” are truly ideal for long hours practice and will help you to imitate the acoustic drumming.


Alesis DM Lite

Despite that this kit is an economical kit, it is of absolutely high quality and good for a starter. Light up of its 3 LED cymbals as you hit makes this kit ideal for visual reference. You know when you hit this drum part and probably know where you hit as well.

You don’t want to keep on replacing the pads, and this is one of the reasons to settle for Alesis DM Lite. Its rubber pads ensure that your wrists are not hurt no matter the number of hours you take to practice.

You get this kit fully assembled, comfortable with a beginner as you are privileged to play right away after purchase. It won’t take up much space, thereby making it able to fit into any room.


Yamaha DTX400K

If you are looking for a wide range of options, then this Yamaha is ideal. This kit can be customized, and more features upgraded as time goes by. This means that you can start with a less complicated kit and grow gradually until every bit of accessory is packed to it.

Or maybe your previous kit was Yamaha acoustic? If so, simply get up to 10 pre-loaded kits, and cool drum sounds sampled from that acoustic to the Yamaha DTX400K best electronic drum set. Play right from the box with accent articulation to the direction of fulfilling your drumming dreams.


Benefits of an Electronic Drum Kit

Acoustic drum kits are definitely amazing and produce beautiful drum sounds, but when you are just starting out as a beginner drummer, you may find that you become a bit of a nuisance for the neighbors as you navigate your drumming journey and learn all you need to know. For this reason and others, you will find that electronic drum kits are ideal for beginners.

You can isolate the sounds and wear headphones as you practice so no one else can hear any mistakes you may make. You can also practice any time of the day or night this way because no one else will be able to hear it.

Electric Drum Kit Buyer’s Guide

Some of the first electric drum sets that hopped into the market were known for causing fatigue to the hands, wrists, and arms. However, the newer models we see today have remedied that problem and offer a much-improved feel and response and this is due to the use of rubber pads or mesh heads.

Mesh Heads and Rubber Pads

Mesh heads contain up to three sensors. If you have a single trigger sensor, then it will produce a single sound. Dual or three sensor trigger drum heads, on the other hand, can produce multiple sounds depending on what part of the drum or cymbals you are striking.

When you strike rubber pads, you will find there is a slight rebound like you would have when using practice drum pads. Acoustic drum pads don’t have a similar feel as electronic drum pads do and because of this, rubber pads are best for sustained tones and are often used in the more affordably priced drum sets.

Mesh heads have a woven surface that responds similarly to acoustic drum heads. However, the sound is more enhanced, and it can be even easier to play on an electronic drum set compared to an acoustic drum set. They also cost more than rubber pads.

Cymbal Pads

Electronic cymbal pads definitely look like real cymbals, and many newer ones also have the same swinging motion you would find when striking a real cymbal. You can also choke the cymbal and use different techniques while playing.

Drum Modules

In higher-end and more expensive drum kits, you will find the standard drum set sounds, but you will also find more premium features and special effects. Each drum module – also known as a sound module – has preset patterns which can prove to be valuable if you are a beginner. You will also typically find play-along tracks that can help while you practice and learn.


As a drummer, you need to learn to play to a metronome. It will not only help you as you practice the drums but also while you are recording. Some musicians even use a metronome during live performances.

If the metronome is not built-into the electronic drum set you have chosen, then it is recommended that you find one that has an audio input. This is so that you can plug it directly into your headphones so you can hear it above the sound level of the drums.

Foot Pedals

There are several types of foot pedals you may come across, and it is important to know what each is.

Kick Pedal. This foot pedal (kick pedal) is often also referred to as a bass drum pedal. It is a must-have for every drummer, whether they are beginning or professional drummers. There are single bass drum pedals, double pedals, and two single pedal options. It is how you can produce a great bass sound from your electronic drum set.

Hi-Hat Pedal. A hi-hat controller pedal for percussion offers higher-end features including variable open and close control while playing and velocity sensing.


Whether you are switching from acoustic or just starting off, you still need the best electronic drum set to begin the transition. Most customers know what is best but may not know how to find that best one.

Take a car, for example, would you buy it without test driving it? Probably not, and this should also apply to these drum kits. Just take your time playing and testing every model you contemplate on buying before making a decision. It would be better to visit any music store with practice rooms and get to know what that kit offers before ordering for the same.

All in all, ask lots of questions from online vendors to clear your mind of any doubts. It would also be perfect for enquiring from neighbors and seeking their opinions on the kits that they began with as drum beginners.

Electronic Drum FAQ for Beginners

Can you transport an electronic drum set?
Yes, you can, and this is actually one of the more significant benefits of an electric drum set over a traditional drum set. They are much lighter in weight and take up far less floor space than their acoustic counterparts.

Can I use my regular drum sticks?
Wood and nylon tip drum sticks can be used on a digital drum set. However, there are other stick types you can explore that can be used specifically with electronic kits.

How can I amplify the drums?
Many electronic drum kits can be plugged directly into an amplifier or PA system so you can be as loud as you want to be.

Can you input your own music into an electronic drum kit?
Most electronic drum kits allow you to connect via USB/MIDI ports so you can play audio files between your computer and your electronic drum kit.

Can I purchase extra cymbals?
The higher-end electronic drum sets do offer a bit of room for expansion. However, with the more beginner models and lower-priced sets, you will find standard equipment and should purchase something that reflects what you are trying to do. However, if there is a place to connect them that is available, then you can add a cymbal, extra pads, or tom.

What is meant by crash cymbals?
This is the kind of cymbal sound that is very loud and used for occasional accents. The cymbals can be mounted on a stand and then played with a drum stick or even with the hands. Most standard electronic drum kits come standard with either one or two crash cymbals. Ride cymbals are the biggest cymbal in a beginner’s drum kit usually and is placed on the right above the floor tom.

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