Top Electronic Drums For The Professional And Amateur Drummers

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Many drummers say that rocking out on a drum set is is exhilarating and intoxicating. Most of them say that playing the drum allows them to get into their groove and deliver some unique beats that can impress audiences. On the other hand, some audiences do not like the loud sound of drums and wait until the drummer quiets down. With electronic drums, drummers never have to worry about the drum sound volume. More importantly, they’ll be able to explore different customizable drum sounds that they never thought were possible before. The electric drum is very versatile. Many of the drum kits come pre-programmed with a variety of sounds that the drummers can change and modify to their own style.

The Best E-Drum team found a few passionate amateur and professional drummers to narrow down their top pick of drum sets. The bloggers on the team were able to translate them into writings and created a list for a an easy view. From a beginner’s basic drum set to a very high-end drum set, we covered them for your reviews. As mentioned above, you have the ability to control the electronic drum volume and bring out some amazing sounds. Hope you can find something insightful and purchase the right one for you!

Yamaha DTX-532 Drum Kit 

In his post, “An electronic drum kit for every player!”, Garrick praises a Yamaha DTX532K drum kit. This drum kit may not be a “high-end” model, but it certainly brings the quality and sound that matches some of the high-end models. Yamaha’s XP80 3-zone textured silicon snare pad with realistic feel brings out very similar sound tone as any regular drum sets. It also comes with IOS apps, which allows you to customize the kit easily, import songs, and program any training sessions. The drum kit is very durable and will last for a long time.

by Garrick Wareham at T+S Blog

Alesis DM10X

Pitbull Audio writer, aka Woofer, recommends Alesis DM10X Mesh Drum Kit for any serious drummers who want to elevate their skills. This kit is a serious electronic drum kit with great features. The built quality is absolutely amazing: tightly woven black mesh drum heads help the drummers’ feel and their playing response. The sound was very clear for any electronic drum set. The drum set also comes with DM10MKII studio sound modules, which means it comes with pre-arranged program sounds. The premium four post-fast-lock shiny chrome rack and the integrated cymbal arms make this drum set a beauty!

by Woofer at Pitbull Audio

Roland TD-30KV

The founder of Drumeo (a website where you can learn, inspire, and support various drummers), and the writer of Successful Drumming, Jared Falk, posts a video of Michael Schack’s (Prominent drummer, music producer, and solo artist) amazing drum solo. In a short three minute video, you can see Michael’s astonishing drum skills behind a Roland TD-30KV drum kit. Check out the video by clicking on the link Jared Falk at Drumeo.

Roland TD-30KV is Roland’s flagship V-Drums with impressive technology and SuperNatural sounds. The drum kit can provide customized sound with Professional V-Edit. There are dedicated “ambiance” fader with new-ambiance and overhead-mic simulation features. For any professional drummers, who would like to use this kit in the studio setting, would not regret purchasing this one!

by Jared Falk at Drumeo

We hope you find this list an enjoyable read and helpful to making your purchase for your next electronic drum kit. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Rock on!

Best E-Drums Team.

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