How to Choose Best Drum Thrones

What should I look for when buying a drum throne? The drum throne is one of the most easily overlooked pieces of equipment because they do not get the credit they deserve. A good drum throne can have a huge impact on your performance. You have the potential to sit on a drum throne for hours at a time. It is imperative to sit on a throne that is comfortable and stable. Before we dive into listing the best drum thrones, we need to know why finding the best drum throne is so important for your performance.

What Makes the Drum Throne So Important?

A drum throne is a seat a drummer sits on when he or she is playing the drums. A drum throne is typically seen used among drummers who are playing a full drum kit. Full drum kits are a set of drums that include a bass drum, snare drums, toms, and multiple cymbals. With a range of pieces to play, it is important to be seated upon the best drum throne.

Whether you are drumming for leisure or as a profession, the conditions in which you are playing remains the same. All conditions have a drummer sitting behind a full set of drums, which is why having the best drum throne is so important.

A good drum throne provides comfort, balance, and an accessible range of motion; all requirements that drummers must have for a successful performance, but do you know why these features are important?

Comfort & Adjustability of Drum

Whether in a casual jam session, band rehearsal, or album recording, a drummer can sit and play for hours at a time. This makes comfort a priority when searching for the best drum throne. Comfort is more than just the material of the seat. Comfort extends to being ergonomic and adjustable.

A drum throne that is easy on your back and has an adjustable height can take your performance to the next level. A drummer who can comfortably play for hours at a time will give a better performance than a drummer who is aching with every move.

Balance & Swivel in Drum

With so many components that make up a full drum kit, it is necessary to have the means to reach each piece with ease. A drum throne that provides balance and a full range of motion while playing is another requirement when looking to purchase a drum throne.

A drum throne with four feet may provide more stability and balance than a drum throne with three feet. Balance is essential when drumming because of the many sudden movements your entire body makes while playing.

Your lower body may be facing left, but your upper body is rolling through the toms into a crash, so balance is key. A drum throne that swivels will allow you to fluidly access all areas of your drum set with ease.

In addition to the pedestal feet, the design of the seat can also contribute to balance. A bicycle seat may provide more natural balance than a round seat, so it is important to know the types of seats available and the benefits of each.

Affordability Of Drum

You get what you pay for, right? While you can shell out the same amount of money on a drum throne as you would spend to purchase a replacement drum head, you also have the option to purchase a more affordable drum throne.

When deciding on an affordable drum throne, make sure you are not doing without certain important features. Affordable does not have to mean it lacks quality. At the same time, affordability may mean you will not get all the features you are looking to have in a drum throne.  

Portability Of Drum

A drum throne is typically designed with legs that fold. This makes easy storage and portability. When your drum throne is not in use, you may want to fold and store it in an area that will preserve the material of the seat.

Additionally, you will want to take your drum throne with you to each gig, so easy portability is a requirement among sifting through the best drum thrones to find the one that fits you best.

The Bottom Line

With so many drum thrones to pick from, it is important to prioritize your needs. Is comfort the most important quality that your drum throne must possess? Do you require a drum throne that is easily adjustable? Are you on a budget and need a quality, inexpensive drum throne?

All of these needs are justifiable for deciding which drum throne is the best for you.


When searching among the best drum thrones, make sure you thoroughly comb through the specifications that each throne has to offer and apply these specifications to your personal priority level.

A drum throne should offer height adjustability, but the adjustability will vary between thrones. If you require quick and easy adjustability, look for a drum throne with a lever that will allow you to adjust the height at your fingertips while you stay seating at your drum kit.

If adjusting the height of your drum throne is something that can be done before the beginning of your performance, then a drum throne with a height knob may be enough to get the job done.

A drum throne should also be easily portable if you are taking your throne with you from venue to venue. A drum throne that does not fold or remains stationary will be more difficult to move than a drum throne that folds to be easily carried.

The best drum throne will provide long lasting comfort. Whether you are recording, practicing, or performing a gig, you will be seated on your drum throne for multiple consecutive hours. You will need a seat that is both comfortable and supportive. A thick seat with comfortable material will be the most beneficial.

In addition to comfort, balance is also an important feature to consider. A drum throne that is well-balanced and stable will allow you to easily move between each piece of your drum kit without being off-kilter. A drum throne with a bicycle or motorcycle-type seat will allow your legs to provide natural balance as the drums are played. This will keep you balanced and stabilized during performances.

A drum throne that swivels is also beneficial. A drum throne that swivels will allow you to smoothly transition between areas of your drum kit without moving all parts of your body.

A drummer needs to keep his feet accessible to the hi-hat and bass drum pedals at all times while his upper body goes between numerous drum heads and cymbals. A drum throne that swivels will allow the drummer to easily access each area of the drum kit without awkwardly trying to reach these sections.

No matter what, make sure you choose a drum throne that you will be happy with. You will be seated upon this throne for hours at a time, so it is important for you to be happy with your seat.

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